Motocross Training 101:
For dirt riders ready to learn the skills to ride on a motocross track or race motocross.

Cost: $315                   No rental bikes are currently available

MotoVentures offers a great introduction to motocross riding techniques on select days each month at our own private Rider Training Center that is complete with two motocross tracks.

Rider to instructor ratio is only 6:1, so space is limited. 

MotoVentures Motocross Training 101 curriculum is a full day of motocross instruction that is designed for serious dirt riders looking to develop and practice all the essential skills needed to race motocross including how to: get good starts and brake correctly, tackle various corners like flat and bermed turns, handle various jumps like doubles and table tops, ride ruts and sand, ride whoops and off-cambers, ride wheelies and slides, ride technical terrain, prepare your bike and body, prepare race strategies, and much more.

If you're ready to try motocross and need to learn the fundamental motocross riding techniques to practice, let our expert motocross rider coaches help you. We include a great full-day curriculum with refreshments.