MotoVentures Trials Riding Experience:

Cost: Our bike  $325     Your bike $225

Trials Offered on most Fridays and Sundays:

If you're an off-road rider, dual sport rider, desert rider, or motocross racer, and you're looking for a fun new challenge or some great cross training… then it's time to try motorcycle trials riding with MotoVentures. Have you ever wanted to try trials riding, but couldn't locate a trials bike? Maybe you know someone with a trials bike, but you don't know exactly how you should ride it or a good place where you can ride it. Get ready because MotoVentures has everything you need; trials bikes, specialized trials riding gear including trials helmets and boots, expert instruction, and a trials riding paradise for the best possible trials riding adventure you can have.

Just like today's motocross bikes, trials bikes are purpose-built, no-frills, competition machines, which are becoming even more specialized as time goes on. That means they're really FUN to ride. Trials bikes are designed for a specific purpose: to carry its rider through a marked section of difficult obstacles. A rider must while under observation, keep from going out of bounds, putting their feet down for balance or falling down, or receive penalty points if they do. At the end of the day, the rider with the least penalty points wins.

Trials riding is extreme off-road riding at its best and a popular, well-respected international motor-sport, but many people just enjoy play riding on their trials bikes. It's a well-accepted fact that you can learn maximum control techniques on a trials bike that will help you become a better motorcycle rider. Motorcycle racers use our trials clinics for cross-training, while experienced riders are always amazed at how their skills have improved afterward. Have you noticed how most of the top AMA Endurocross racers are ex-trials champions? Maybe trials is just what you need to give you the advantage you've been looking for. So regardless of your desire for challenges or thrills, trials bike riding is a great motorcycle sport or recreational activity to add to your list of motorcycling musts.

Our trials riding experts know what newcomers to trials are capable of doing. We can teach you how with step-by-step instruction that will gradually push your comfort level higher, allowing you to really explore your limits and ride more confidently than you've ever ridden before. We'll ride together all day from one practice section to another teaching, demonstrating, and practicing the key techniques that trials riders take for granted. By the day's end, you'll be amazed at how easily you rode through gnarly terrain that would have been impossible to ride on any other bike, and you'll come away with a greater appreciation for motorcycle trials as a competitive sport.

Our trials experience and qualifications:

When you ride trials with MotoVentures, you'll get the patient and friendly attention you'll need, and it will come from a well-qualified trials expert that is a member of the MotoVentures Trials Instructor Team. Chief instructor Gary LaPlante has more than 35 years of trials competition experience that includes six Arizona State Trials Championships and several top 10 finishes at AMA trials nationals. Most recently, Gary LaPlante is one of the top ranked riders in the competitive Advanced class in the Southern California trials competition series. For advanced and above riders we’ll utilize a trials riding professional to help us conduct our clinics where they can teach and demonstrate any trials riding technique you want.

Our trials motorcycles:

MotoVentures features a small fleet of late model, state of the art, 2-stroke trials bikes for our customers to ride. Of course our trials bikes are all properly set-up, prepared, and ready to deliver a full day of fun trials riding. 

If you are interested in purchasing a trials bike we may have one of our used trials bikes for sale, but if we don’t you can always purchase a new trials bike from us. MotoVentures is an authorized Gas Gas trials bike dealer and if we don’t already have a new bike we can usually get one for you within a week. NOTE: Purchasers of new trails bikes from MotoVentures will receive a free day of training and tuning their new bike with us.

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Our trials riding location:

MotoVentures enjoys our own conveniently-located private 350-acre trials riding paradise right here at our Rider Training Center, near Anza, CA., where we teach our off-road, dirt bike, dual sport, and motocross curriculums. This place has so much great trials riding terrain that the Southern California Trials club now holds three or more club events here every year. In fact, last year we hosted the 41st Annual El Trial de Espana that next year will probably include an AMA National round on the same weekend.  So when you come to ride trials with MotoVentures you will be riding on sections that have many different lines that are already cleared and maybe even marked so you can experience what it’s like to ride a real trials (competition) section.  

Our trials riding gear:

When riding trials you can use off-road riding gear, but it was designed for high speed riding and often overly padded and restrictive for trials riding. Two items to consider borrowing (or purchasing) from us are a good pair of trials boots and a good open face trials helmet. Motorcycle Trials boots are light, flexible and designed for walking and riding, while trials helmets are light, vented, and have an open face for easy breathing. Both reflect the relatively low speed requirements of this specialized sport. When you ride with us you can bring your own riding gear or use our riding gear. Of course we have almost all sizes, but if you want your own gear, we are an authorized dealer for most popular brands and can have all your new trials riding gear waiting for you when you join us for a day of trials riding.

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Trials riders: If you want to take your dirt riding to a higher level, just come see us for a day of training on our fun to ride trials bikes.