MotoVentures Rides Overview


This service was previously called Tours, but we’re simply calling it Rides now. This change is to accommodate our many customers who just want to take a day ride or take an adventure ride with us somewhere fun. We offer multi-day rides in certain areas for groups, but they are customized to their skill level, desired location, and desired dates. Multi-day ride dates are not posted on our web site and will be announced via e-mail invitations to our customers. If you don’t already have a group, call us and get on our waiting list today for our next ride. For our rides, in the winter we’ll head for the warmer/lower elevations of the local deserts, and in the summer we’ll head for the higher/cooler elevations of the local mountains.  All rides require reservations in advance.


Please review the following ride options, check your calendar, gather up a group of friends, and call us immediately at (877) 260-6686 to book your next off-road riding adventure today! 


Option 1:            Day Rides at our Private Rider Training Center

Cost:                          Our bike: $310            Your bike: $160  

Exclusive cost:            Our bike: $580            Your bike: $480          Add $280 for ea addl up to 3


MotoVentures offers day rides every week for individuals and groups at our private conveniently located 350-acre Rider Training Center in Southern California. Our unique, large, private property features many miles of fun single track trails, two fun motocross tracks, hill climbs, sand washes and wet creek trails. Day rides are for experienced riders (Level 2 skills), preferably people who have previously attended one of our dirt bike rider training courses. Available to all ages, no licenses are required, and lunch and drinks are included. Day rides are available almost every week, usually on Thursdays thru Sundays.


Option 2:            Two or Three Day Rides in Southern California

Cost per day:     Our bike: $395            Your bike: $295         


MotoVentures offers two or three days of guided riding at the best off-road and dual sport riding areas in Southern California. This option requires a minimum of three riders and intermediate-level riding skills. We offer kid friendly tours requiring no licenses and dual sport or off-road tours for adults only. This ride features convenient travel from nearby Los Angeles, San Diego, Ontario, and Palm Springs airports. On one of these fun multi-day rides we’ll cover a lot of ground and could experience elevation changes from approximately 1,000 ft to 7,000 ft in just one day. Every one of these rides is slightly different and customized to the skills and desires of each group. We'll ride everything in SoCal from vast dry lake beds to rugged rock-crawler trails. We will explore the hundreds of miles of awesome roads and trails throughout the vast Southern California Mountains and deserts.


Option 3:       Baja 4-Day Tour                  

Baja 4-Day Tour:          Our bike: $2460          Your bike: $1550

MotoVentures offers customized multi-day guided group rides in Baja, California, Mexico. These classic rides require five people minimum and are customized to the requirements and desires of each group. 

Baja rides are for off-road riding enthusiasts who want to check off their “bucket list” one of the premier must do rides. The only real problem with riding in Baja is you’ll get so hooked on the great terrain, beautiful scenery, and exotic foreign hospitality that you’ll want to come back for more. Our Baja rides cover parts of the classic routes used for annual Baja 1000 races with overnight stays in popular places with comfortable accommodations. For Baja rides, MotoVentures has teamed up with the best Baja ride guides who know exactly where to go and where not to go and also have the local knowledge, experience, equipment and personnel to support this kind of foreign expedition. NOTE: licenses are not required to ride in Baja.

Additional MotoVentures Ride Information


To reserve a date: call (877) 260-MOTO (6686) or email ( All rides require reservations in advance. Ride days are usually Thursdays thru Sundays. Contact us and confirm the availability of the date(s) you want. You can reserve them by phone with a Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX credit card. A $500 deposit is required to reserve a tour and a 50% deposit is required to reserve training, with the balance due 30-days prior to the ride.

Dual sport rides are for street licensed motorcycle riders with skill levels 2 and 3 (dirt novices, intermediates, advanced) and all dual sport ride participants are responsible for carrying their own current street motorcycle operator's license. Those bringing their own bikes must have a current license plate and proof of insurance.

Lodging and meals: for overnight tours lodging is double occupancy with single occupancy upgrades available. MotoVentures will pay for lodging and lunch with breakfasts and dinners paid by guests (with the exception of the Baja tour).