Gary's Book Goes International!

Gary's book; How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles is now available in German and Korean with the German version shown here. After it's release just two years ago, publisher Motorbooks International says sales have exceeded 5,000 copies and is steadily increasing worldwide as readers spread the word via social media about it's value to a wide range of motorcycle riders. The book has received a 5-star rating on based on 29 amazing reviews. Here are just a few:

I spent time with your book and found it very systematic and simple to follow. There is a lot of data there so it's something riders can grow with as they move up in skill. I think it's a quality product in appearance and content.-Dylan Code, California Superbike School

This gets a top rating for several reasons. First, it is built on solid, practical experience based on training thousands of riders to ride off-road or improve their off-road skills. Second, it is concise with easy to implement tricks and techniques that build skill and confidence. Third, it is as good for beginners as it is for super experienced experts. What ever dirt riding skills you want to develop, whether its doing wheelies, sliding, climbing hills or traversing whoops and sand, the author shows you precisely how to accomplish it - laying out the basic technique, showing some practice exercises and then how to evaluate how you're doing. This is just a great book!-Steve Larson

Even if you are an experienced off road rider this book will probably tell you something you don't know. Well illustrated and organized so that even a beginner can follow it, Mr. La Plante has written a must have future classic. This will be my "go to" book that travels with me.- Nat Huggins
Rates at the top of these "how-to" books. It is sufficiently detailed to come back to as a reference and sufficiently demonstrative to go out and attempt to quell/hopefully change old habits!! It is also quite readable with good pics which gives it a leg up on some.-B. Dempsey
Gary is a fantastic coach, & the book follows the cirriculum of his classes. Highly recommended!-Amazon Customer
Excellent book for ANY and ALL off-road riders, regardless of years of experience. Everybody in any sport has developed bad habits. The only way you're going to improve, is to fix your bad habits. In my opinion, the only person(s) who could not come away learning something from this book would have to be one of Gary LaPlantes teaching staff. The book is written like a manual for instructors, detailing every step of the technique with a series of pictures and sub text, so you can perform the drills as outlined in the lesson plans. Wayne Rainey had Keith Code; Jeremy McGrath had Gary Semics. Now you can have Gary LaPlante (or at least his book) for around $20. Any errors you correct now, are a platform to build future improvement on. I know as a lifelong dirt rider, I have developed better riding skills and techniques by following the methods outlined in this book.-Kenny
This is a good book. Even though I have years of off-road experience, we are never too old nor too experienced to always pick up a few more techniques. I do intend to have my sons read and learn techniques within this book. Shoot....maybe then the will be able to keep up with the old-man!-Thomas



Making Dust                                                      

2014 marks our 15th year in this incredible business. We’re enjoying continued success thanks largely to our many satisfied customers who refer us to others and who come back for more. We work very hard every day to develop new riding and teaching techniques because, like they say in off-road racing; “if you’re not making dust, you’re eating it”. We are making dust.

We now call our training: Dirt First, Motorcycle Rider Training by MotoVentures Inc. We chose Dirt First because it perfectly describes the best way to learn to ride a motorcycle AND the best way to take your current riding skills to the next level regardless of what you ride now. We offer training every week all year around, usually on weekends and often on weekdays, too. That’s why we do not post training dates on our website calendar. Just call and we’ll accommodate you.

2014 has been prosperous thanks in part to the popularity of Gary’s book; How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles, which has sold over 8,000 copies worldwide.  This year we have been busy attending consumer events, hosting military events, and implementing our new instructor training and certification programs. As we enter the holiday season please remember our products and services make great gifts. Just call us at (877) 260-6686 and we’ll ship a product or mail a gift certificate to you immediately. 

2015 promises to be even busier with plenty of exciting plans that include new training courses, new annual events, and more used bikes for rent or purchase. Thanks again for your business. Now get out there and make your own dust!                                                                      

News Flash: Come test ride the all-new 2015 Yamaha WR250F and YZ250F at MotoVentures!


Products We Use and Sell                                           

With so much support equipment, a sizable fleet of bikes, enough riding gear to outfit over 25 people from head to toe, and training almost every week of the year we are constantly wearing out, breaking, repairing, cleaning, and upgrading our bikes with a wide variety of products that we must consume just to run this business. Fortunately we are an authorized dealer for most major brands so we can get what we need to run the business for dealer cost. That means we can also get you what you need for the best prices and ultimate convenience. Look over the list below and call us for advice or to purchase any products that we use related to our services.

·         Used Yamaha’s, so you can buy the bike you trained on that day!

·         New and Used Gas Gas Trials Bikes, we are an authorized Gas Gas trials bike dealer

·         OEM replacement parts for any brand at just over dealer cost

·         Dunlop Tires, because they make the most confidence inspiring MC tires available

·         Torco Oils and Lubes, the best internal protection you can give your motorcycle

·         Race Tech Suspension Services, the best money you can spend on your motorcycle

·         Hinson Clutches because they work great on our WR250s

·         Moose bar ends and bark busters because our bikes get crashed a lot

·         IMS skid plates to protection our engines and IMS gas tanks for worry free exploring

·         EVS knee and elbow pads, because many don’t wear them, despite knowing they should

·         HJC Helmets, remember to replace your helmet every five years

·         TCX Boots, the most comfortable motocross boot we have ever used

·         Mots Trials Helmets, stylish and affordable, perfect for both instructing and trials riding

·         Jitsie trials bike fork and header guards, to prevent rock damage when you tip over

·         Garne Trials boots, trials riding slippers with low speed protection and great control feel

·         Smith Goggles, for clear vision so nothing surprises you when riding

·         RYP Trials Training DVDs, the best trials training DVD… until we release ours

·         Riding Gear: Moose, Fly, Thor, we’re an authorized dealer for most popular riding gear

·         MotoVentures Apparel: T-shirts & Caps; Dirt First, MV Wheel art, and MV Sunset art

·         Our Book: How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles, 179 pgs., 310 photos to help U practice

Eventually all these products will be featured in our web site store. Until then call us directly at (877) 260-6686 and pick up what you need when you join us for a training day.


We Buy, Sell, and Service Motorcycles

We BUY used dirt, dual sport, and trials bikes if we can use it for our training. Models of interest include Yamaha TTR50s, TTR90, TTR110, TTR125E, TTR125L, TTR230, WR250F, WR450, and WR250R, but we will consider comparable models from other brands.

We SELL used dirt and dual sport bikes beginning in 2015, to our customers and will have at least one bike in each size available for you to purchase immediately. We could even work a trade if you want to upgrade or maybe your child has outgrown their bike and needs a bigger one. See our periodic web site postings and call anytime for availability. 

2014 Gas Gas 280-Pro $7300

2005 Gas Gas 280-Pro $3150

We SELL new or used Gas Gas Trials bikes. MotoVentures is an authorized Gas Gas trials bike dealer and we always have both new and used trials bikes in stock and for sale/riding immediately. We offer a free day of training for anyone purchasing a new bike from us. Currently, here are the bikes we have for sale:

2014 (new) Gas Gas 280-Pro (Red) $7,300              

2005 Gas Gas 280-Pro (Red) $3,150 OBO   

We can SERVICE your bike and provide necessary repairs, maintenance, tune-ups, upgrades, rebuilds, restorations, etc., and as an aftermarket product dealer we can also purchase and install just about any part or aftermarket accessory you want.


Free T-Shirts to Our Customers                              

Every one of our training students will now receive this free commemorative Dirt First t-shirt to wear proudly upon completing one of our courses. Our new Dirt First artwork was created to be attention getting while proudly communicating your accomplishment of officially becoming a dirt bike rider. Everyone seems to like it so we’re now including one free to every customer!


For Sale: T-Shirts and Hats   

We have three different t-shirt designs (Wheel Art, Sunset Art, and Dirt First art) in three colors (Blue, Black, or Sand) and two different caps designs (Dirt First and MV) in two colors (Black or Blue) to choose from with artwork that displays your passion for dirt riding when not riding.

T-Shirts are available in Sm, Med, Lg, and XL for $20 (XXL $22)

Caps are available in SM/Med and LG/XL for $30                                                                    



Dirt First Training a Hit at Adventure Bike Rallies                        

This summer Gary hit the road and attended two adventure bike rallies that are popular these days. The idea was to post up at these events in a little display and spread the word about our Dirt First approach to motorcycle rider training. What we discovered was that most of the adventure bike community does understand the value of riding dirt bikes and welcomed us into their fold… just like we thought they would. One event was the Rally in the Gorge held in Hood River Oregon on Friday August 29 thru Monday September 1, 2014 and one was the first annual SoCal BMW dealers and MotoQuest Tours Festival held at Snow Summit ski resort in Big Bear CA on Sept 19 – 21, 2014. Both featured organized rides, demonstrations, vendors, seminars, entertainment, demo rides, BBQs’, etc. At the Oregon Rally Gary gave a seminar then instructors from our partners in the northwest, WMST, conducted training for roughly 10 people right there at the fairgrounds. These events are obviously a target rich environment for us to pitch our Dirt First training message. We had fun, met many new friends and potential customers, and are planning to attend both events next year


Tips to Riding Big Adventure Bikes                                                                      

Everyone wants to know the secrets to riding their big adventure bikes better. There are a few things you should do differently. For instance you must be careful how much you lean the bike at low speed and use handlebar turning a little more to get around a turn. But all motorcycles have two wheels, two brakes and a throttle and they all turn the same way; by handlebar turning, by leaning them, and by sliding them.

·You will learn more and you will learn it faster by practicing on a smaller dirt or dual sport bike to develop your skills. Crash-able, affordable, dirt bikes are the best tool there is to help most riders fix their riding skills.  

·You must always ride within your bikes’ physical limits like low ground clearance, heavy weight, high center of gravity, tires with limited traction, etc.

·You must ride within your body’s physical limits like your inseam length, ability to pick up the bike, strength, etc.

·You must be willing to crash and possibly damage your bike to learn its limits.

·Finally, your good understanding of what you can handle (learned from riding dirt bikes) combined with your good judgment of whether your big adventure bike can handle it or not (a challenging section of terrain).

Only training on a dirt bike will give you that true perspective of what’s possible and what’s not so you won’t get in “over your head” on your big expensive adventure bike.


New Practice Day Dates Every Month                                                   

We preach the value and importance of practicing and now we are designating at least one Sunday each month as a practice day. Cost: $70 Your Bike $315 Our Bike

2014 Monthly Practice Days: Nov 30, and Dec 21.

2015 Monthly Practice Days: Jan 11Feb 15March 15April 12,May 10, and June 14

If you have your own dirt bike and can practice 2 – 3 times a month… you can probably keep both your skills and riding fitness up. If you don’t have your own dirt bike we can supply one for you. Our new practice day option is intended for our graduate students. No beginners, just Level 2 & 3 skilled riders. Minimum training, mainly supervised/guided riding. Training tips will be offered only if needed. Safe and responsible conduct is the main rule. Kids must be eight and above or accompanied by (riding with) an adult. We take reservations in advance and need a minimum number of five participants, while the total participation will be limited to just 20 riders each day. Hours will be 9am to 2pm. Drinks will be provided. Practice day itinerary will consist of guided/supervised riding on our many miles of tracks and trails…mixed with some fun, challenging and skill building rides through our classic Level 2 & 3 exercises. We’ll take a morning break, a short lunch break, and an afternoon break. Everyone will get up to five hours of good practice time.


Trials Training Monthly         

If you ride off-road, motocross, or dual sport now and you have not ridden a trials bike yet, you owe it to yourself to try it. Maybe you won’t like it, but there’s a good chance you will. How many times do you need to hear how fun it is from your riding friends that you know and trust before you try it for yourself? Yes it can be challenging and even frustrating if you don’t have the right mindset going in.  But if you can get your riding “kicks” at a modest speed you will be less likely to get hurt if you make a mistake. Of course to have the best experience riding trials you will need to learn a few key techniques first, which we offer along with five trials bikes to ride, trials riding helmets and boots to borrow, and one of the best trials riding sites in Southern California. You will discover a great sport, skill-building techniques, and a big-bang for your buck experience. For proof of the value of trials riding look no further than the top riders in AMA Endurocross series: Tady Blasiak, Cody Webb, Colton Haaker, Geoff Aaron, etc., they all have extensive trials riding backgrounds.

2014 trials training dates: Nov 16 and Dec 21

2015 trials training dates: Jan 18Feb 22, and March22

NOTE: April 18 – 20, 2015 (The 45th Annual El Trial de Espana}                                                             _______________________________________________________________________________    

Motocross 101 Training Monthly                                                    

Our MX101 course is for dirt riders who are ready to learn the fundamental skills to ride on a motocross track or race motocross. Rider to instructor ratio is only 6:1, so space is limited. Our Motocross Training 101 curriculum is a full day of motocross instruction to develop and practice all the essential motocross skills including how to; get good starts and brake correctly, tackle various corners like flat and bermed turns, handle various jumps like doubles and table tops, ride ruts and sand, ride whoops and off-cambers, ride wheelies and slides, ride technical terrain, prepare your bike and body, prepare race strategies, and much more.

Cost: $260                   No rental MX bikes are currently available

2014 MX101 training dates: Nov 28 and Dec 12

2015 MX101 training dates: Jan 15Feb 12March 12April 9May 14, and June 11


Kids Spring time and Summer time Day Camps                                 

For the past five summers we have hosted two-day kids’ camps where parents can participate, watch and take photos, or leave their child with us. Participants can bring their own bike or use one of ours. Our day camps are designed primarily for beginner and novice kids. Each day is based around our fun-filled formula of mixing training with trail riding around our vast 350-acre private property which features many miles or trails, two motocross tracks, hill climbs, a sand wash, and a large flat area for conducting our training exercises. Our camps are a great bargain and give children and their families the perfect opportunity to try dirt bike riding and create the most memorable camp ever. Our next 2-day kids’ camp will be in the spring of 2015 with at least three summer time camps available after that. Why not plan ahead and reserve one of the dates below so you can join us next spring or summer. 

Cost:   $235 Your Bike          $335 Our Bike

2015 Kids Camp Dates: Feb 24 & 25, March 10 & 11, July 7 & 8July 21 & 22August 4 & 5


US Marine Corps and Navy Endorse our Training               

Our Dirt First Motorcycle Rider Training satisfies the Marine Corps requirements for Off-Road Motorcycle Training for enlisted personnel who recreate on them when off-duty. Our practical training is ideal for their adult men and women who ride street, dirt, or dual sport. We have all the bikes and riding gear and we offer a 10% discount for individuals and encourage riding groups from Units located at the many SoCal bases.  For the last four years we have hosted annual day in the dirt events for the local Marines and Sailors where over 75 riders each day either train with us, ride our fun single track trails, or ride motocross at the Cahuilla Creek MX track across the highway from us. Recently we have been training the instructors and mechanics in the Marine Corps Operation Adrenaline Rush Program, where after coming home from a long deployment, soldiers can check out a dirt bike and blow off some steam. We are honored that the US Marine Corp and Navy have endorsed our training and we enjoy it every time we teach these fine young men and women.


Group Rides Our Specialty                          

If you are looking for a fun team building off-site activity for your company or personal group there’s nothing better than a day of dirt bike riding with MotoVentures. We have everything everyone in your group will need regardless of their age, size, skill, experience, or lack of motorcycle and riding gear, and we have the perfect location in the center of Southern California. Your Day in the Dirt event can be customized to your unique needs including meeting area, catered lunch, special activities, etc. Just give us a call to plan your day.

Over the past 15 years we have hosted many personal groups like riding clubs, Boy Scouts, birthday parties, etc. We have also hosted many Military and Law Enforcement groups and even more business groups including well-known companies like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Gas Gas, Beta, Honda Research and Development, Suzuki, Indian, Cycle World Magazine, Ehlert Publishing Co, Lotus Tours, HJC America, Helmet House, Lockhart Phillips, SoCal Motorcycles, Long Beach BMW, Escondido BMW, Auto Electric Intl, Bio Rad Corp, Mid-America Business Forms, Med Legal Inc,, Tri Logic Inc, FWF Steel, Matrix Consultants, Deloitte and Touche, Pomona Wholesale, Kavich Reynolds Prods, California Superbike School, Magura USA, Dealernews Magazine,, Streetmasters, JCResorts, Fuel TV, Yamaha Spice Group,, CED Palm Desert, and Mattel Corp-Hot Wheels.