Our Various Training Options

At MotoVentures we use dirt bikes to teach a wide variety people how to ride motorcycles properly. We use dirt bikes to teach beginner kids and adults and we use them to teach recreational riders, dual sport riders, adventure bike (AB) riders, and street bike riders who know their street skills will improve because of it. For enthusiasts we offer specific curriculums for trials bike riding, adventure bike riding, and motocrossing. We offer a variety of motorcycle rider training services because we personally love the variety of fun options that the motorcycle universe offers. With our training you can learn how to ride, learn how to ride better, then learn the specific skills needed for specialized riding and racing too. We will not teach street bike riding or road racing, but plan to enroll in one of several great schools out there soon to improve our own street skills.  It should be noted that EVERY street riding and road racing school recommends riding and training on a dirt bike too! We are proud of the variety of fun and skill-building rider training options and intend on adding even more in the future.



Meet us at the Rally in the Gorge on August 26 – 29, 2015

This will be our second year attending the Rally in the Gorge event in Hood River Oregon put on by Tom Mehren from SoundRider.com. Annual rallies like this and the Overland series of events in Washington and Arizona are a great way for dual sport riders to meet and hang out with others who share their interest with a passion. At these events are vendors, demonstrations, educational seminars, and tours of the beautiful area around the event sites, both guided and self-guided. Gary will host a seminar at this rally at 9am on Thursday August 27.  Our training partners from Washington; DBST Inc. (Dirt Bike Safety Training AKA: Jason and Whitney) will also be there offering a four hour Level 2 class on Thursday immediately following Gary’s presentation. On Friday morning Jason and Whitney will deliver a Ladies Only Level 2 class at 9am.  If you plan to attend this rally and want to participate in a class contact Whitney immediately at: Whitney@RideDBST.com.  Please stop by our display and tell us about your last moto adventure and maybe we can help you get the most out of your next moto adventure.




Touratech Rally Report

On June 25 – 28, 2015 Gary attended the Touratech Rally in Plaine Washington to help support Jason and Whitney from RideDBST.com our newest training franchise in the Pacific Northwest.  This event was part of the Overland Series of Rallies where a mixture of dirty 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers gather to share their sports and celebrate. Over 500 dual sport riders and just as many drivers too showed up and were welcomed by a record breaking heat wave (107 degrees and above!). We hosted a booth there, gave a seminar, and provided training on-site to a hearty group with their own bikes who braved the heat while trying to improve their skills. Special thanks to Alex Martens from KonflictMotorsports.com (specializing in adventure bike suspension mods) for sharing his booth space (and keg of beer) with us. Over the three days we were there we met many great like-minded enthusiasts and we also sold over 25 books!


One feature we liked at this event was they set up a challenging trials-like course and held a light hearted competition at the end of the day while others watched on the sidelines with beverage in hand as the sun set. Some riders really showed great skill while others really showed they need to come see us for some training. We plan to construct our own Adventure Bike challenge course on our property and will practice so next year we can participate too.




Our Next 2-Day Adventure Bike Training Camp, September 19 & 20, 2015

We are now offering bi-monthly 2-day adventure bike training camp at our centrally-located SoCal Rider Training Center.  For teaching AB riders we have developed our own training curricula, we now use a BMW GS800A to teach on, and we utilize professional AB instructors like Jeff Irvin with over six years of AB training experience. At this next camp BMW of Escondido will sponsor a BBQ lunch and dinneron Saturday.


Cost to ride each day:             $335 our bike, $235 your bike

Cost to ride both days:           $585 our bike, $460 your bike

Cost to ride our bike day one and your bike day two: $535


On Saturday you can train with us all day on our your AB, or for those without the previous experience of training on a dirt bike, you can spend the first day training on one of our friendly Yamaha dirt bikes.On Saturday a BBQ lunch and dinner will be served. Saturday night participants can test their camping skills and equipment. Before dinner we will host a 1-hour clinic covering a host of related topics. Saturdaynight you can share your favorite riding stories (aka Bench-Racing) and of course we’ll have the usual camp fire (aka Cowboy Television) to gather around.


Sunday we will train and practice again using dirt bikes, but students who trained on a dirt bike the first day can train on their AB on the second day. Anyone who just wants to ride on Sunday can take a self-guided tour of the many great back roads and trails around our training center.


If you can’t make this event our next 2-day Adventure Bike Training Camp will be on November 14 & 15, 2015.


Rent a BMW GS and Ride It with Us

MotoVentures’ out of town customers can now conveniently rent a BMW GS Adventure Bike from MotoQuest.com in Long Beach, CA and use it to tour beautiful SoCal and/or to participate in a training day or two at our Southern California training center. Now any GS rider willing to fly or drive to sunny SoCal can get the best experience (perfect formula) of training in the Dirt First on one of our friendly dirt bikes then on a BMW GS adventure bike just like they ride back home.  Renters can pick up their GS directly from MotoQuest in Long Beach, CA or for a fee MotoQuest can deliver it to a location (like our training center) and return it to Long Beach afterward for them. Rental rates start at only $80 per day! Quantities are limited and reservations are required in advance. Mention MotoVentures and get a discounted rate. Caution: bike rental insurance may not cover damage that could occur while the bike is used for training. See your rental agreement for details. For more information contact MotoQuest at (562) 997-7368 or MotoQuest.com. Address: 2115 E. Spring St. Long Beach, CA 09806… and please tell them we sent you.



Trials Competition at MotoVentures October 11, 2015                    

The first trials competition of the new season is on Sept 27 in Lucerne Valley, CA (the Mojave Desert). The second event of the new season will be held at our place on October 11, 2015. Spectating is free. Trials events are usually held in in a far away location, but our training center is in the center of Southern California and one of the most convenient places you’ll find anywhere to see a trials competition. So if you want to see a trials event or you want to find a used trials bike to buy… come on out and join us in October. For more info on the annual SoCal trials series go to SoCalTrials.com.


Of course you can always ride trials with us any week of the year. We have the perfect place, several great trials bikes for you and your friends to rent, all the trials riding gear you’ll need and a great introduction to trials training curricula. So if you or anyone you know ever wanted to try trials we have everything you need for a great day having a new kind of motorcycle riding fun.



NOTE: We Buy and Sell Used Trials Bikes. Right now we have a 2005 Gas Gas 280-Pro trials bike for sale for only $3,100.  We are also seeking good used trials bikes to buy, especially kids’ trials bikes.


Rick’s New Helmet Tree & RV Porch Steps

How many customers out there remember taking Uncle Ricks Trail at our place? He built it and we all ride it every time we’re there. Well “Uncle” Rick Felden is in the building mood again. Check out his low-tech helmet Tree. It’s not an original idea, but leave it to Rick to see a need and fill it. Now we’ll have no more helmets cluttering up valuable table space while we relax in the shade and discuss the next riding lessons.  It is great for storing and drying sweat soaked helmets, gloves, and goggles and great for small groups like we often have.  Rick reported the biggest problem with its construction was finding the small metal coffee cans…. they’re all plastic now! If that wasn’t enough Rick also built us some nice new heavy-duty porch steps to make using our 30’ toy hauler (with boots on) even easier. These are just two small improvements in ongoing efforts to upgrade our site for our customers’ convenience. Thanks again to Rick.




2015 Kids 2-Day Summer Day Camp Report

2015 marks our sixth year offering kids 2-day summertime day camps. These two consecutive riding days (on a Tuesday and Wednesday) can include parents riding too and are available on select dates each Spring and Summer. Our kid’s camps are primarily designed for beginners and novices and follows our fun-filled formula of mixing training with trail riding around our vast 350-acre private property. Daily itineraries are based around our safety oriented training curriculums. Hours are 8am to 2pm and costs include everything; an appropriately sized bike and a full set of riding gear (if you don’t have your own bike and gear), snack and cold drinks (bring your own lunch). The cost for our 2-day kids’ camp is only $235 using your bike and $335 using our bike. If you missed this summer we will be doing it again in the spring and summer of 2016 so stay tuned and we’ll post new dates soon.


Our Book is Available in Korean

Our book; How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles is now available translated in the Korean language. Our book has truly become international now with distribution worldwide and versions of it available in English, German, and Korean. To date we’ve sold over 6,500 copies. Who knows, maybe the French or Spanish will translate it next!


Wanted: Good Riding Instructors

We are seeking qualified highly-skilled dirt bike and ATV riding instructors who can teach students several days a week at our private 350-acre Rider Training Center in Southern California. We require the qualifications, credentials, and experience to teach one or more of the following classes; Level 1 for beginners and novices, both children and adults. Level 2 for recreational riders of all kinds and Motocross 101 for new MX riders.  We are also seeking an ASI-certified ATV instructor and a ROHVA-certified UTV instructor. The ideal candidates would be career oriented professionals with great patience and judgment, excellent communications skills, who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and detail oriented. We can train candidates with the right qualifications and we offer competitive compensation and valuable benefits too. If you’re not the right person for the job, but know someone who is please have them contact Gary today at (877) 260-6686 or by email at MotoVenturesinfo@gmail.com



SoCal Dealer-Sponsored Events at MotoVentures                        

SoCal motorcycle dealers have a valuable extension of their dealership with MotoVentures centrally-located training center and the services we offer there. Dealers can and should offer events where customers can use their bikes. What better way to use a dirt or dual sport bike, especially for new bikes and riders, than training and practicing in the dirt? We can provide training and trail riding, free camping, BBQ lunches and dinners, even entertainment if wanted.

At the end of the day everyone will have had a great time, they will all learn a lot and probably discover they need their bike serviced or maybe even replaced with a new one and some new riding gear too. Dealership personnel will get some valuable “product familiarization” and will get to know what we do and how we do it. Some SoCal shops now plan annual Day in the Dirt events with us and even give-away our training to anyone purchasing a new bike from them. What is your motorcycle dealership doing for fun customer-oriented events?


How to Practice Stopping Quickly AND Safely

When practicing emergency braking you must be very careful because you can crash easily if you do it wrong. Practicing hard braking can save your life someday, but must be taken cautiously at first so you can gradually and safely develop the feel and judgment required. Set up a braking stopping point on a good firm smooth dirt surface. Approach the stop marker starting from a distance away so you can reach enough speed to gradually and progressively apply both brakes. Come to a full stop every time and if you come up short adjust your judgment on the next pass. No matter where you stop make sure to keep squeezing the front brake lever with two fingers until the front brake locks up at the very end of your stop (the last foot or so). Once it locks up you’ve gone too far so your real goal is to operate on the verge of lock up where the most power can be applied. Be patient, it will take many passes to become proficient that this skill.


There are many important things to make sure you do when testing the braking limits of your motorcycle in the dirt. First, don’t allow your bike to get sideways (by leaning it, by cross rutting, or by using too much rear brake). If you get sideways you must lay-off the front brake which is counter-productive to stopping quickly. Second, you must keep your bike perpendicular to the ground because leaning it will just get you sideways. Third, you must keep the handlebars (front wheel) pointed straight because once the front wheel starts to lock up it will try to turn then the bike will fall over. If you keep these three things in mind when practicing you can really test the limits and develop your critically important emergency braking skills.