Great Riding Weather is Here, Now

Is the “Polar Vortex” getting you down? Are you tired of shoveling snow every day while your bike sits warm and cozy in the garage?  Why not take a trip to sunny Southern California, thaw out in a nice wine country hotel spa in the evening and come out to ride dirt bikes the next day with MotoVentures? Our conveniently-located, private, 350-acre Rider Training Center in the center of Southern California is only1.5 hours away from all major SoCal airports! We are spoiled and enjoy the best riding weather all year around, especially in the winter when a majority of the US is snow bound. Around here winter and spring are the best times to ride. Now is when the air is cool and the dirt is moist from the normal winter rains. Well, it just rained and hard… finally! What are you waiting for? We have the best weather AND everything you’ll need. Call your friends, pack up the family, call your boss and say you are feeling too well to come into work for a few days. Escape this winter’s cold and wet weather and ride with us in sunny SoCal.


Dirt First by MotoVentures                                                                        

MotoVentures approach to motorcycle rider training is to simply use dirt bikes. We utilize light-weight Yamaha recreational dirt bikes that are friendly, appropriately sized, and durable to teach almost anyone how to ride motorcycles correctly and safely. Not only is learning to ride in the dirt first widely acknowledged by all the experts as the best way for beginners, it is also recognized as the best way for anyone trying to improve their current riding skills regardless of what they ride now. MotoVentures Dirt First training curriculum is very practical with no ceiling or limitations. Our highly qualified, well-trained instructors are capable of teaching everyone from kids to adults and beginners to experts. Our Level 2 students include dirt bike and off-road riders, dual sport and adventure bike riders, and street bike riders, basically any performance-oriented motorcycle rider. _________________________________________________________________________________

New: MotoVentures Now Offers Practice Days Every Month                                        

Many of our graduate students have requested riding time with us at our training center so they can practice what we’ve taught them. It’s like we always say; “the key to getting the most out of our training is to practice and perfect new skills on your own soon after learning them”. If you have your own dirt bike and can practice 2 – 3 times a month… you can probably keep both your skills and riding fitness up. If you don’t have your own dirt bike we can supply one for you. Now you have no excuse for not riding to keep your skills up.

Our new practice day option is designed for our graduate students. No beginners, just Level 2 & 3 skilled riders. No training, just supervised/guided riding. Only training tips will be offered if needed. Safe conduct is the main rule. Kids must be eight and above or accompanied by (riding with) an adult. Total participation will be limited to 20 riders each day. Practice days will usually be offered on Sundays. Hours will be 9:30am to 3pm. Lunch and drinks will be provided. Practice day itinerary will consist of guided/supervised riding on our many miles of tracks and trails…mixed with some fun, challenging and skill building rides through our classic Level 2 & 3 exercises. We’ll take a morning break, a short lunch break, and an afternoon break. Everyone will get up to five hours of good practice time.

Cost: $70 Your Bike     $275 Our Bike

2014 Monthly Practice Day Dates:

March 16, April 20, May 18, June 22, July 20, Aug 17, Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, and Dec 21


Kids Spring and Summer Day Camps

This will be our fifth year offering kids 2-day day camps. These two consecutive riding days can include parents riding too and are available on select dates every Spring and Summer. Our kid’s camps are primarily designed for beginners and novices and follows our fun fill formula of mixing training with trail riding around our vast 350-acre private property. Daily itineraries are based around our safety oriented training curriculums. Hours are 8:30am to 2pm and costs include everything; an appropriately sized bike (if you don’t have your own), a full set of riding gear, and lunch and drinks.

Cost: $225 Your Bike    $325 Our Bike  

2014 Kids Day Camps                     

Mar 25 & 26, April 8 & 9, July 8 & 9, July 22 & 23, Aug 5 & 6 ________________________________________________________________________________

Trials Riding Dates Every Month  

Want to ride a great Gas Gas trials bike all day at a place that is perfect for trials riding? Want to practice riding your own trials bike? We have now designated at least one date every month where up to six riders (per instructor) can come together for a fun day of learning and practicing the trials techniques that make the great riders stand out. We have the trials bikes, ideal trials terrain, trials riding gear, and of course the trials riding instruction you will need (trials bikes don’t come with instructions and believe me, you’ll need it). If you ride dirt or dual sport motorcycles now and have not had the opportunity to ride a trials bike yet, you owe it to yourself, and you may be surprised what you learn that day.

Cost:   $225 Your Bike                      $325 Our Bike

2014 Trials Riding Dates:

March 14, April 5 & 6 (43rd Annual El Trial De Espana), April 18 (ride El Trial Sections), May 16, June 20, July 11, Aug 15, Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 14, and Dec 12

NOTE: if the date you want is not listed ask anyway, we can usually accommodate you.

Note: MotoVentures is an authorized Gas Gas trials bike dealer. Purchase a new trials bike from us and get a free day of training with us on your new bike. 


44th Annual El Trial de Espana Coming to MotoVentures April 5 & 6, 2014

The El Trial de Espana is America’s 2nd oldest motorcycle trials competition (next to the Ute Cup held in Colorado) and easily the most prestigious trials because most of the best riders attend. El Trial has always been an annual fundraiser event with the proceeds going to help send America’s trials team to Europe to compete in the annual Trial Des Nations.

For the fourth time at our 350-acre Rider Training Center, MotoVentures will host the 44th El Trial de Espana event on April 5 & 6, 2014. The members of the Southern California Trials Association will put on the event, but this event will not pay points toward their regional MotoTrial Championship Series. This event is Southern California’s best opportunity this year to see many of the best trials riders compete together on the same day. 

What makes El Trial so special is that everyone can compete in a friendly trials competition in the morning which ends in the early afternoon where only the Experts and Professionals continue to compete on a few super difficult sections located close to the pits so spectators can easily see these incredible athletes in action. Riding these special Exhibition Sections is how the top riders pay back the fans for supporting them at the international Trial Des Nations event every year.

If you can attend this year’s El Trial give us a call for the latest info and be sure to stop by our pits and say hi when there. Come see this event and you’ll surely get the itch to try trials someday. Let MotoVentures scratch that itch for you. We can spend a full day together riding trials on the same sections used in this year’s El Trial de Espana. 


Help Wanted: Motorcycle Riding Instructor

We are seeking a uniquely qualified, mature and experienced person to fill the position of Riding Instructor to teach several days a week, including weekends, at a private Rider Training Center located near Anza, CA.  This person must have at least advanced level overall motorcycle riding skills, especially in the dirt. This person will be trained to teach our Dirt First Level 1 and 2 curriculums using company bikes and will work under the direction of a Chief Instructor. This instructor must be able to teach a wide range of students, from kids to adults, from dirt to street riders, and from absolute beginners to experienced advanced-level riders. 

If this is not a job for you, please pass this ad along if you know of someone who is qualified, capable, and looking for a great job and career. (877) 260-6686


Motorcycle Dealership Employees Rides with MotoVentures

Southern California Motorcycles is a Ducati, Triumph, Victory, Royal Enfield, and Hyosung dealership located in Brea, CA owned by Tom Hicks, one of Gary’s long-time industry friends. The two worked together at American Honda in the late 1980s. Tom is a good all-around rider and understands the value of dirt bike riding for sharpening street bike rider skills. So with most of his employees riding street bikes primarily, Tom knows the perfect gift he could give them would be a day riding dirt bikes with MotoVentures.  

On Sunday January 26 Tom and his staff rode all day with us and enjoyed a BBQ lunch. His employee’s skill levels ranged from beginner to expert and their heights also ranged widely from 4’-11” to 6’-3”. Two young employees brought their 4 year olds and we all watched as they rolled their first wheels on little Yamaha PW50s. Of course Rob, John, and Gary wrangled and guided this enthusiastic group all day. Everyone loved it with some even talking about getting dirt bikes now. This would be the 4th time Tom treated his staff like this. Maybe this is why Tom is one of top motorcycle dealers in the nation. For more info go to: 


Boy Scouts Ride with MotoVentures

On Sunday February 22, BSA Troup/Venturing Crew 772 traveled out from South Orange County to learn to ride dirt bikes with MotoVentures.  Five young men 14 years and above with heights that varied from 5’-2” to 6’-0” and one cool dad with some riding experience. The day went smoothly as usual with plenty of dirty bikes AND riding gear too. For young men like this BSA Venturing Crew it gives us a chance to teach them how to ride a motorcycle properly and for us to deliver important and often overlooked safety, responsibility, and off-road riding etiquette messages too. One member, Sebastian who is known affectionately by his peers as “SeaBass,” was in charge of organizing this event and afterward he wrote:  “I would like to say a few quick words about yesterday's dirt-bike outing. First, I would like to thank Mr. Ouimet for driving us and putting up with us for 3+ hours in his car. Next, I would like to thank all who came.  I know it was challenging to learn to ride but it was fun when we finally got it. And of course, a big thank you to Moto Ventures for having really great instructors and amazing bikes and equipment!  We need to go out there again....  those of you who couldn't come missed a really cool outing.  Let's plan another trip soon!” 


New Riding Gear to Wear or Purchase

Thanks to a generous donation recently by Yamaha advertising department we have a large variety of new or slightly-used riding gear for our customers to wear while training with us. Every year Yamaha creates new advertising for their new motorcycles, ATVS and UTVs, with the riding models wearing the latest riding gear. With gear styles changing every year it made great sense to donate last year’s modeling gear to us in order to make room for next year’s styles. 

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a full set of high-quality riding gear from head to toe at no extra cost, and this donation really helps us do just that.  A full set of off-road riding gear consists of; socks, kneepads, pants, boots, hip pads, jersey, elbow pads, shoulder pads, helmet, gloves, and goggles. Jackets too if the weather is bad.

We can also sell you a new set of riding gear as we are an authorized dealer for most of the major brands of riding gear …. Like HJC Helmets, TCX boots, EVS pads, and many more.  Are you just starting out and need everything? Is your current riding gear worn out? Did you forget to purchase knee pads? We have some products in stock, like knee pads and elbow pads, which are often overlooked, and we can order what you want before coming to us so you can use it that day. Our prices are comparable, our advice is invaluable, and our convenience is unbeatable.


Products We Use and Sell: Torco Oils and Dunlap Tires                                     

It takes a lot of products, equipment, and accessories to support a motorcycle rider training business like MotoVentures. The products we count on to run our business… we also sell.

We are an authorized dealer for most brands of oils and tires, but want to recommend Torco and Dunlop, since they deliver outstanding performance and we count on them exclusively.

Torco Racing Oils: 

It takes a wide variety of fluids to keep our bikes running their best. Gary has been using Torco Racing Oils exclusively since 1990 and has never had a single problem with any Torco product. Use good oils and lubes so you can ride with the peace of mind that your bike is protected so you can concentrate on riding it well. The Torco products we currently use include: GP-7 smokeless two-stroke racing oil, T-4MXR 15/40 motor oil, MPZ Engine Assembly Lube, MTF80 transmission oil, Brake and Contact Cleaner, Foam Filter Oil (FFO), Racing Fork Fluid (RFF) 5W, Multi-Purpose Waterproof Grease, PL50 Penetrating Lubricant, Moto-Prep Protective Coating Spray, and Powerslide Chain Lube.

Torco’s spray-on FFO makes life easier when servicing so many air filters

Dunlop Tires:

Gary rode and tested almost every new motorcycle for 12 years while working for Kawasaki and Honda and has always preferred Dunlap tires, which provide predictable feel and the confidence that is critical to ride well. There’s nothing better to help your bike perform than a good set of new tires. The Dunlop tires we primarily use on our bikes include: Geomax MX51 Intermediate terrain tires (you can get softer terrain MX31 tires and harder terrain MX 71 tires too). We also use Dunlop D739 desert racing tires, Dunlop D606 dual sport tires, and Dunlop D803 trials tires.

One of our WR250Fs getting fresh tires; an 80/100X21 Geomax MX51 front tire and a fresh rear tire too; 110/90x18 952


For Sale: 2014 Gas Gas 280-Pro Trials Bike $7,700          

This is the most popular trials bike in the world and represents the current state-of-the-art in trials bikes. We have one in stock now. Gary really wants this bike because he knows there is no better feeling than riding a new, fresh trials bike that has great power and handling right out of the box. Buy this bike and get a free day of trials training. Call (877) 260-6686


We Want to Buy Your Used Dirt Bike:

If you have a good used dirt bike like we use now for our training and you want to sell it hassle-free and for a fair price, give us a call. The bikes we currently use are Yamaha TTR50s, TTR90s, TTR110s, TTR125E, TTR125L, TTR230, WR250F, and WR450F along with Gas Gas Trials bikes. We are also interested in comparable models from other manufacturers. Call (877) 260-6686


Bike Repair Services: “You Nix It, We’ll Fix It”

Does your motorcycle need service, repair, rebuilding, tune-up, upgrading, adjusting, etc.? If you use it, eventually it will. We now offer these services for our customers as a natural extension of all our training services. Gary has been a professional motorcycle mechanic since 1979 when Kawasaki Motor Corp., USA hired him in the R&D Department as a test rider and mechanic, then later he was responsible for preparing all the company’s magazine test bikes. Gary’s mechanical skills have come in very handy to maintain MotoVentures large fleet of training motorcycles since we started in 1999. 

We can pick up or drop off your bike or you can drop it off and ride one of our bikes that day, then ride your bike another day when you come to pick it up. Our labor rates are less than a dealership charges and our work is guaranteed. Call or email anytime or call ahead and bring your bike to our training center for a free estimate. (877) 260-6686

Bike Shop Services we offer:  Tire changes, flat repairs, carburetor cleaning, crash damage or worn-out parts repair or replacement, aftermarket upgrades, engine and suspension rebuilds, periodic maintenance (oil changes, clean air filters, chain adjustments, etc.), valve adjustments, carburetor jetting, fuel injection tuning, and includes specialized trials bike maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.   _________________________________________________________________________________  

Customers who trained with us recently: