Summer 2015-In this issue…

  • SoCal Training Dates and Summertime Hours

  • 2015 Kids 2-Day Summer Camps

  • Touratech Rally and Dirt First Washington

  • Our New BMW “GS800A-TB” (Adventure Training Bike)                         

  • Adventure Bike 2-Day Training Camps                                            

  • Trials Riding Monthly                                                            

  • Help Wanted:  Riding Instructors

  • We Train Military Riders                                                                                           

  • SoCal Motorcycle Dealers… Come Ride with Us    

  • Our Customer’s Comfort                               


SoCal Training Dates and Summertime Hours

We offer training and riding at our SoCal Rider Training Center almost every week of the year, usually on weekends, but often on weekdays too, and that is why we do not post weekly Level 1 or Level 2 training dates. We do however post monthly dates for specialized training like motocross, trials, kids’ camps, adventure bike clinics, and the occasional tour, with more new services and dates coming soon. Please remember that if the date you want is not posted on a calendar or appears to be already taken, contact us and we will try to accommodate you. Also note, beginning immediately and running until October, we will start our training classes each day at 8am (please arrive by 7:45am) and we will end each day at 2pm.



2015 Kids 2-Day Summer Day Camps

This will be our sixth year offering our Kids 2-Day summer Day Camps. These two consecutive riding days can include parents riding, too and are available on select dates each Spring and Summer. Our kid’s camps are primarily designed for beginners and novices and follows our fun-filled formula of mixing training with trail riding around our vast 350-acre private property. Daily itineraries are based around our safety oriented training curriculums. Hours are 8am to 2pm and costs include everything; an appropriately sized bike and a full set of riding gear (if you don’t have your own bike and gear), snack and cold drinks (bring your own lunch).

Cost:   $225 Your Bike          $325 Our Bike


2015 Kids Summer Day Camps: July 7 & 8July 21 & 22, and Aug 4 & 5


TOURATECH Rally and Future Training in Washington State

Gary will attend the Touratech Rally on June 25 – 28, 2015 in Plain, Washington. He will be there with our newest certified training instructors; Jason Sherman and Whitney Koeberle, aka Dirt Bike Safety Training, out of Seattle, WA. Beginning immediately, they will be providing our Dirt First training curricula in the Pacific Northwest at a prime location near Seattle. Gary is attending this rally to help them kick off their training program in Washington. At this rally the trio of instructors will train a group of women riders on Thursday afternoon then on Friday at noon Gary will deliver a one hour clinic on key dual sport riding techniques, which will be immediately followed by a four hour Dirt First rider training class in nearby training ranges. With enough interest in our training, another four hour Dirt First training class will also be available on Saturday. If not, we will all ride out and explore the areas’ great back roads and trails.


NOTE: Jason and Whitney (and possibly Gary too) will also offer training at the Rally in the Gorge event in Hood River Oregon on August 27 – 30, 2015.  If you plan to attend either rally please stop by our display and tell us about your latest moto adventure and maybe we can help you get the most out of your next moto adventure.



Our New BMW “GS800A-TB” (Adventure Training Bike)                               

Our Dirt First Level 2 training course is perfect for dual sport and adventure bike riders. When teaching these classes we use our Yamaha dirt bikes, the best tools for the job of teaching/learning how to ride motorcycles.


We have now developed our own adventure bike (AB) training curricula and now, when teaching riders who are using their own big, heavy adventure bikes, we have our own big, heavy adventure bike to ride. I’m proud to announce that BMW North America has generously loaned us a 2015 BMW GS800A fully outfitted with a skid plate and crash bars just in case we drop it (likely and often). We have also mounted some fresh Continental TKC80 knobby tires on some tough Woody’s Wheels and we can’t wait to see what the bike will do in the dirt. Look for progress reports (aka damage reports) and photos (aka evidence) regularly posted on our web site. If this bike can survive under our gentle use (aka abuse) it is truly durable. We warned BMW, but they loaned it to us anyway. BMW gets it. They know the best way to learn to ride or to take your current riding to the next level is on a dirt bike. That’s what we do with our Dirt First training and that’s why BMW supports us.


NOTES: If you want to ride our new GS just let Gary know and you can take it for a spin.

NOTE: If you want to buy a new BMW GS from any SoCal BMW dealer, try asking them to throw in a free training class with MotoVentures (a $235 value) and we bet they will go for it!




SoCal 2-Day Adventure Bike (AB) Training Camps                                           

Something new we are now offering is a bi-monthly 2-day adventure bike training camp at our centrally-located SoCal Rider Training Center.  For teaching AB riders we have developed our own training curricula, we now use a BMW GS800A to teach on, and we utilize professional AB instructors like Jeff Irvin with over six years of AB training experience.


Saturday you can train with us all day on our your AB, or for those without the previous experience of training on a dirt bike, you can spend the first day training on one of our friendly Yamaha dirt bikes. On Saturday a BBQ lunch and dinner will be served. Saturday night participants can test their camping skills and equipment. Before dinner we will host a 1-hour clinic covering topics like bike maintenance and repairs, navigation, bike set-up and performance options, etc. Saturday night we can share our favorite riding stories (aka Bench-Racing) and of course, we’ll have the usual camp fire (aka Cowboy Television).


Sunday we will train and practice again using dirt bikes, but students who trained on a dirt bike the first day can train on their AB on the second day. Anyone who just wants to ride on Sunday can take a self-guided tour of the many great back roads and trails around our training center.


2015 AB camp dates:             July 18&19Sept 19&20Nov 14 &15

Cost to ride each day:                         $335 our bike, $235 your bike

Cost to ride both days:           $585 our bike, $460 your bike

Cost to ride our bike day one and your bike day two: $535




Trials Riding Monthly                                                                     

Our private 350-acre Rider Training Center has hosted many trials competitions over the past five years including AMA nationals. Our place is ideally suited for riding trials with a variety of slowly decomposing granite rocks of all sizes and shapes creating many awesome sections with numerous lines to ride for every skill level. We recently hosted another trials competition at our training center and this time it was the 45th Annual El Trial de Espana. As usual this spring classic was a two day event with the expert trials riders giving everyone an exhibition on Sunday afternoon. If you want to see a trials competition we host several every year and the new season will begin again this September and all the events will be posted on


Give us a call today and set-up a trials riding day with us soon. We have an ideal place to ride trials, several great trials bikes for you to rent, all the trials riding gear you’ll need and a great introduction to trials training curricula. So if you ever wanted to try trials we have everything you will need for a great day of a new kind of riding fun. We offer trials riding in small groups at least twice every month. You have no more excuses for not trying trials.


Remember: We Buy and Sell Used Trials Bikes

Right now we have a 2005 Gas Gas 280-Pro trials bike for sale for only $3,100.

We are also seeking good used trials bikes to buy, especially kids’ trials bikes.


Help Wanted:  Riding Instructors

We are seeking qualified highly-skilled dirt bike riding instructors who can teach students several days a week at our private 350-acre Rider Training Center in Southern California. We require the qualifications, credentials, and experience to teach one or more of the following classes; Level 1 for beginners and novices, both children and adults. Level 2 for recreational riders of all kinds and Motocross 101 for new MX riders.  We are also seeking an ASI-certified ATV instructor and a ROHVA-certified UTV instructor. The ideal candidates would be a career oriented professionals with great patience and judgment, excellent communications skills, who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and detail oriented. We can train candidates with the right qualifications and we offer competitive compensation and valuable benefits too. If you’re not the right person for the job, but know someone who is please have them contact Gary today at (877) 260-6686 or by email at





We Train Military Riders                                                                                        

Unfortunately too many of our enlisted men and women have been killed or injured riding motorcycles recreationally. Because of this the military requires training for all motorcycle riders. Our training officially satisfies the Navy and Marine Corps requirements for basic and advanced motorcycle rider training for their enlisted men and women who ride off-duty. Our centrally located training center is surrounded by military bases located in Southern California. Recently we trained another group of 15 Marines from a Unit at Camp Pendleton. Once again it was a real pleasure to work with these fine young men and women who serve our county. It is always a pleasure for us instructors when our students listen intently, try really hard, and follow directions. They are literally professional students. If you are in the service in SoCal ask your commander and base motorcycle safety officer if you can get training from MotoVentures, as an individual or as a group, like this Unit did.  Our training delivers the control skills that all riders need and saves lives too.




SoCal Motorcycle Dealers… Come Ride with Us                                                 

SoCal motorcycle dealers have a valuable extension of their dealership in MotoVentures centrally-located training center and the services we offer there. Dealers can and should offer events where customers can use their bikes. What better way to use a dirt or dual sport bike, especially for new bikes and riders, than training and practicing in the dirt? Recently New Century BMW from Alhambra, CA brought out a gang of 22 riders that ranged from beginner kids to grizzled veterans for a day of training in the dirt with us. Many brought out their GS’s so we also conducted our Adventure Bike training for them. They sponsored a BBQ lunch and we did the cooking. At the end of the day everyone have a great time, they all learned a lot, their customers were thrilled, and the shop personnel discovered first hand that we know what we’re doing. This shop now plans monthly training with us in the future and is willing to give our training away for free to anyone purchasing a new bike from them. What is your motorcycle shop doing for fun customer-oriented events?


Customer Comfort                                                                           

The customers coming to our SoCal Rider Training Center will now enjoy our new 30’ rolling classroom/hospitality trailer. The weather at our training center is usually very nice, but when the wind blows or it’s too hot, too cold, or too wet outside, we will now be able to conduct our rider’s meetings, dress into riding gear, and eat lunch inside this trailer. It features a kitchen, a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, but most importantly it features over 20’ of open space inside where we can park and transport 15 motorcycles when we conduct training at locations away from our training center. This trailer represents another important piece of equipment in our ongoing efforts to upgrade our services and provide our customers with a comfortable, high quality environment to learn how to ride motorcycles in.