Ride Out El Nino on Dirt Bikes with MotoVentures Motorcycle Training

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our motorcycle and dirt bike riding friends out there! This holiday season we’re expecting a wet El Nino condition, which we sorely need to get Southern California out of a severe drought. Winter usually shuts down dirt bike riding for many people in the northern and eastern states, but the riding conditions (traction, lack of dust, cool weather) here at our Southern California Rider Training Center actually improve when it rains. It is only (rarely) in a really wet storm or when the snow elevation is too low that we might have to reschedule dirt bike training. If you live in a heavy-winter region of the country why not fly or drive out to join us for a day or two of motorcycle skill building fun. Riverside County not only features great weather all year around, but there are countless great places to go and things to do here for the whole family.


Many SoCal off-road riders take the hot summer off and ride their personal watercraft or surf boards instead, but when fall arrives and the weather cools they dust-off their dirt bikes and head out to the desert to camp and ride on the weekends. Toyhauler trailers are popular here where a small city of them spring up in the local deserts on holiday weekends. This winter we have our own 30’ Toyhauler at our training center for our customers to warmly get dressed, hold our riders meetings, and to escape the wet and cold if it gets too severe.


We don't mind getting a little cold and wet. It's a small price to pay for AMAZING riding conditions described as “Velcro-earth”, “hero-dirt”, and “Chocolate cake”, among others! These conditions are so good you can count on your front tire finding the grip it needs. After El Nino’s over this spring we’ll see an explosion of green grass and colorful flowers everywhere on our 350-acre property. So why not treat yourself to a winter adventure, make good use of your riding down-time and come ride out El Nino with us here in SoCal.




Our New 2016 Calendar of Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Training Just Released

We will continue to offer Level 1 (beginner) and Level 2 (for most riders) training almost every weekend and often on weekdays all year around. For our more specialized services like kids dirt bike training, motorcycle trials training, Level 3 training and Adventure Bike training, we have designated specific monthly dates in 2016 to help you plan for them.


Check out the dates posted in each section of our new web site (coming soon) and plan ahead for the date(s) you can join us. Keep in mind that if the date you want is not listed or seems to be already scheduled please call us anyway. It is important to make your reservations early as all dates have minimum amount of participants required and a maximum number too.


New Winter Hours and What to Wear

We are now switching to our winter hours, starting at 9:00am and finishing at 2:30pm. Please arrive by 8:45am and always remember to pack a lunch.  We supply bottled water and Gatorade on ice. Since it is now winter time it’s a good idea to bring thermal underwear and a light jacket to ride in if necessary. We do have loaner jackets if you need to borrow one. We will return to summer hours in June 2016.


Give the Gift of Motorcycle Rider Training this Holiday Season

Our training services, our book and apparel make great gifts this time of year. Just call Gary at (877) 260-6686 or email him at MotoVenturesInfo@gmail.com anytime and he will give you the best advice about which MotoVentures service to purchase as a gift. Immediately after the purchase, your gift certificate, a brochure, and a business card will be mailed to you ready for gift-giving. You could even print out our web site gift certificate and give it away as a gift within seconds while activating it anytime with just a phone call to us.



Geoff Aaron Pro Riding Clinic at MotoVentures, January 22, 2016

Multi-time AMA National Trials Champion and current top AMA National Endurocross Racer, Geoff Aaron, will be conducting a Level 3 Pro riding clinic at our private 350-acre Rider Training Center onFriday January 22, 2016. The theme of this training is: “Trials Techniques for Extreme Off-Road Riders”. Participation will be limited to only 20 riders with their own off-road bikes. If you’re a genuine Level 3 rider and you want to know the secrets of the Top Pros this is your golden opportunity to learn from one of the best trials and off-road riders America has ever produced. You will ride all day with Geoff and he will stop down and explain each exercise, demonstrate them, then coach you as you practice the exercise. Cost: Only $195. Hours: 9am to 3pm.  Please arrive by 8:30am. Bring your bike, gear, and lunch. This special event will fill up quickly and requires reservations in advance by calling Gary at (877) 260-6686.




Washington State Dirt First Training

We have trained and certified two men (Jason Sherman and Whitney Koeberle) to teach our Level 1 & 2 Dirt First Motorcycle Rider Training curricula in Washington State at a site near Seattle.  Jason and Whitney are excellent riders, but even more importantly they are great instructors who can communicate and demonstrate our tried and true curriculum. They have a good training site, loaner bikes, and riding gear if you need them and their rates will be similar to what we charge here in SoCal. This winter they only offer training for certain groups or private lessons, but starting in February they will be available every weekend, weather permitting. So if you live in the Pacific Northwest and want our high-quality training that is now conveniently available in your area just call or email them at (844) 347-8347 or go to RideDBST.com




Our Washington Group is Flying South to us this Winter

On January 28 – 31, 2016 a group of fun loving Washington motorcycle riders are flying south to escape the weather and join us for our two-day Ultimate training experience. Spearheaded by Jason and Whitney, we have arranged for a special rate at a hotel in the famous wine country of Temecula and we’ll have a passenger van for transportation (Fly San Diego) unless you want to drive yourself. We plan to make this an annual trip and of course we’ll need a minimum number of participants, but will also limit it to ensure a quality experience for all. The cost for two days of riding with everything included is a special rate of only $550.  Fly or drive there any way you can. Jason and Whitney are flying to San Diego. We can provide meals and lodging, even transportation and will get a great group rate if there is enough participation. Don’t delay, make your reservations today, deadline will be January 8, 2016. For more information call Gary at (877) 260-6686 or Whitney and Jason at (844) 347-8347.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Our Kids Dirt Bike Training Options:

Choosing a kids training course with MotoVentures is as easy as knowing your ABCs. Our kids training courses are designed to be safety-oriented, fun and skill building. Sure kids want to learn, but they really want to ride somewhere and have a great time so we have a great novice-level trail system on our property where we can take them on fun rides between the riding exercises. We teach safe riding skills and deliver important messages about how bikes work, what is proper riding gear, environmental concerns, and the expected conduct while riding a dirt bike. Plan ahead to secure your place as space is limited and recruit others for cost saving group discounts.


Option A:       $255 our bike             $185 your bike

Option A is for kids and all beginners (solo, with a friend or family, etc.) almost every weekend and often on weekdays too, all year around. Of course kids training is more fun when shared with other kids so we’re offer the following price discounts for groups: Discount 10% for 4 to 7 kids. Discount 15% for 8 kids or more.                       


Option B:       $345 Our Bike            $245 Your Bike

Option B is our standard Level 2 training for all ages. Our Level 2 training is our most popular training for anyone who already knows how to ride. This training is offered almost every weekend and often on weekdays too, all year around. 


Option C:       $425 our bike              $345 your bike

Option C is our 2-Day spring and summertime 2-day kids camps for when kids are out of school. These camps are for beginners and novices and usually held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Of course kids training is more fun when shared with other kids so we’re offer the following price discounts for groups: Discount 10% for 4 to 7 kids. Discount 15% for 8 kids or more.

Dates for 2016 Kids 2-Day Camps:

February 23 & 24. March 10 & 11July 5 & 6July 19 & 20. August 2 & 3.


Option D:       $165 our bike

Option D is our new Kids Only training that will be offered every month usually on a Sunday. These classes are only for young beginner kids who do not have their own bike. These classes are four hours in length and require a minimum of 10 participants. . Of course kids training is more fun when shared with other kids so we’re offer the following price discounts for groups: Discount 10% for 4 to 7 kids. Discount 15% for 8 kids or more.

Dates for 2016 Kids Only Training:

January 17. February 7March 20April 10May 15June 19. July N/A. August 21September 4October 2November 13. December 11. 






MotoVentures Offers 2-Day Adventure Bike Training Camps for all Brands:

We have designated weekend dates every other month in 2016 to host 2-Day Adventure Bike Training Camps for all brands of adventure bikes at our Rider Training Center in SoCal. Participants can train on one of our dirt bikes on day one and then on their Adventure Bike on day two. Saturday night we will all camp out and conduct an educational clinic or two, we’ll have a campfire and show an entertaining movie.


Cost for our 2016 2-Day Adventure Bike Camps:

$255    One day your bike

$355    One day our dirt bike

$480    Two days your bike

$600    Two days our dirt bike

$555    One day our bike Second day your bike


Dates for our 2016 2-Day Adventure Bike Camps:

January 16-17. March 12-13May 7-8July 9-10September 24-25. November 19-20.




Planning an Adventure Ride? … Tune-Up your Skills with Dirt First!

If you are planning your next adventure bike ride somewhere why not tune up your skills with us before heading off onto rugged backroads. You are preparing your bike and riding gear and you’ve planned your routes, why not prepare your riding skills too? What if you crash? Can you pick your bike up? What if there are rocks, sand, hills, etc. It definitely makes good sense to discover what your bike can and can’t do in a controlled environment like our training center with help around rather than on a remote dirt road all by yourself.



Buying a New Adventure Bike? … Ask your Dealer for Training with Us!

If you’re looking to buy a new adventure bike from a dealer in SoCal ask them if they’ll throw in free training with us. They all know us and really like our approach to Adventure Bike training; Train on a dirt bike first, adventure bike after that. We have a special price we give dealers who will include our training for “free” and they will get in return a safer, happier, longer riding customer who will bring his bike back in for service, will purchase more accessories, and will buy his next bike from them. SoCal dealers who currently offer our training include; BMW of Long Beach, BMW of Escondido, BMW of Temecula/Murrieta, and Southern California Motorcycles in Brea, CA. 




Trials Training 2X a Month

We like to ride trials so much we’re offering two dates every month for you to join us. One is a Friday and one is a Sunday so you can fit at least one date in. We recommend trials for any performance-oriented dirt rider who wants to take their riding skills to the next level. Riding trials will teach you the low speed technical skills needed to ride any motorcycle well. We have all the trials bikes and trials riding gear and together we’ll spend the day learning and practicing trials at our ideal property where we have hosted numerous trials events before including AMA Trials Nationals. We’ll ride on our fun single track trails from section to section, stopping to ride all the well-defined lines in each one. You will learn body positioning, turning skills, climbing skills, wheelies, hops, control techniques and more. Isn’t it about time you checked out trials riding?   NOTE: We also sell new Gas Gas trials bikes and used trials bikes too. When you purchase one from us you will get a free day of training on it.


Cost for our 2016 Trials Training:

$355 Our Bike                        $255 Your Bike


Dates in our 2016 Trials Training:

January 1 & 10. February 12 & 28March 12 & 13April 1 & 17. May 13 & 29. June 3 & 12July 8 & 17August 5 & 28. September 2 & 18. October 7 & 16. November 11 & 27. December 2 & 18.



Monthly Level 3 Training: Wheelies, Jumps, and Slides

Okay, you have completed our Level 2 class and now you have your own bike and want to explore the wonderful world of Level 3 riding. For 2016 we’re offering monthly Level 3 classes, usually on a Friday, where we cover the essential three Level 3 skills; Wheelies, Jumps, and Slides. In this class we will ride through a series of exercises to test your fundamental skills required for each discipline. With step by step instructions we will teach you how to practice these valuable skills that will take your current riding to the next level. This school requires a minimum of five riders and is limited to a maximum of 10 riders so sign up early to ensure you can get the date you want.


Cost for our 2016 Wheelie, Jump, Slide School:

$250    Your Bike only                      


Dates for 2016 Wheelie, Jump, Slide Schools:

January 22. February 26March 18April 8May 27June 17July 15August 19September 16October 14. November 18. December 9.




Practice Days Weekly

Practice Days are for our graduate students with their own bikes so they can return to us and practice regularly at a reduced rate. Practice Day riders can join us any day we are teaching a Level 2 class. If you qualify and want to train and practice under our coaching here is an affordable option only available to our customers. With our Practice Days you have no more excuses for not keeping your skills up. Call and schedule a practice day with us today and keep your riding skills sharp.

Practice Day cost: $95 (your bike only)