Here is the Discovery Channel episode about Trials featuring Geoff Aaron filmed at MotoVentures Rider Training Center. Check it out.

What’s New! At MotoVentures we accomplished a lot in 2014 and the year flew by fast, thanks again in large part to our many loyal repeat customers and their referrals. We look forward to another incredibly fun year doing what we love; riding motorcycles often with great new friends, constantly honing our riding skills, and developing new and improved ways of teaching people how to ride motorcycles better and safer. Here are a few of the new upgrades we are making that our customers will benefit from in 2015:




  • We’re now offering new classes for Adventure Bike riding, Level-3 Clinics with guest instructors, Practice Days, Owners Clinics, and maybe even Flat Track and ATV/UTV training, too.

  • We have great new instructors and will continue developing our instructor training program to recruit and train more talented people to teach our various new curricula.

  • Our 350-acre property features new trails and tracks to ride on with special test sections/areas for teaching each curricula. We’ll also offer camping overnight.

  • Our new used 30’ hospitality trailer is where everyone can now dress, enjoy warmth in winter, cool in the summer, and a wind/dust-free place to hold meetings and eat lunches.

  • Our customers will be able to test ride some new-model 2015 bikes and we’ll also have great deals for you to purchase our used bikes, too.

  • Our customers can expect new educational “how to” video productions from us and new excusive MV products including some great new additions to our apparel line.


Our 2015 Calendar:



We do post specialized training dates every month for trials, motocross, and adventure bikes. SEE BELOW. If the date you want is not posted in our calendars or we appear to be offering another service on the date you want… please call us toll-free anytime and we may still be able to accommodate you. (877) 260-6686.



March 8April 5May 3June 7July 5Aug 2Sept 6Oct 4Nov 8Dec 6.

NOTE: Trials competition dates at MotoVentures rider training center:

April 18 – 20, 2015 the 45th Annual El Trial de Espana




April 3 & 4, May 22 & 23, July 17 & 18Sept 18 & 19, and Nov 20 & 21




Feb 24 & 25, March 10 & 11, July 7 & 8July 21 & 22August 4 & 5



New: Adventure Bike 2-Day Training Camps


MotoVentures Dirt First now offers bi-monthly adventure bike 2-day training camps on Fridays and Saturdays beginning on April 3 & 4, 2015. These fun events were created by customer demand and were designed to provide what adventure bike riders seek; a great ride to a cool local destination, camping/dining/entertainment overnight, educational seminars, exploring and riding the great back roads and trails in SoCal, and skill building riding exercises with the opportunity to practice on a smaller, friendlier dirt bike if needed.


One important feature MotoVentures Dirt First approach to teaching adventure bike riders is that our participants can ride their adventure bikes or for those who haven’t had the perfect motorcycling start up by learning how to ride in the Dirt First… they could practice on one of our smaller, lighter, crash-able Yamaha dirt bikes for the day.


Participants will be treated to a BBQ dinner and campfire Friday night and breakfast on Saturday morning. Friday night will also feature an educational “Owner’s Clinic” covering topics such as bike and rider maintenance and preparation, navigation, and of course, riding techniques.

Friday from 9am to 3pm is dedicated to training with one additional hour dedicated to practicing individually. We have been training adventure bike riders now for many years and have developed our own adventure bike training curriculum based around our popular Level 2 classes, but taking into consideration the physical limitations of the larger adventure bikes.


To teach our adventure bike riders we are utilizing adventure bike riding expert instructor Jeff Irvin who has trained hundreds of adventure bike riders over the past five years. In addition we are now using a BMW800GSA for training adventure bike riders and we have modified our 350-acre property to include special adventure bike test sections to train and challenge every skill level.


Saturday participants have two options; remain at our training center for a half day of trail riding and continued practicing under our coaching before heading for home. It’s a well-known fact that practicing newly-acquired skills perfectly for two consecutive days is the best way to memorize them. The second option for Saturday is to take several different self-guided tours of the great back roads in the area.


If this type of event sounds like fun, check out our calendar and register for our next event right away as we will require a minimum of 10 participants, but will also limit maximum participation to 40 so everyone will get our usual high quality attention.


Cost for meals, camping, and owners’ clinic on Friday: $150

Cost for training on Friday; $225 using your bike, $325 using our bike

Cost for training on Saturday; $195 using your bike, $295 using our bike


2015 Adventure Bike 2-Day Training Camp Dates:

April 3 & 4, May 22 & 23, July 17 & 18Sept 18 & 19Nov 13 & 14    



Event Report: MotoQuest New Year Camp and Ride


We just hosted a cool event that as you can see from the above story we intend to host again on a regular basis. This event was held on January 24 & 25, 2015 and was organized by MotoQuest Tours and sponsored by BMW of Long Beach. About 40 riders started on Saturday morning from the dealership in Long Beach and stopped for lunch at Doffo Winery in Temecula, where they enjoyed viewing their antique motorcycle collection. Following that the group continued their ride on the twisty back roads to our training center where everyone set up their camping tents for the night. That evening we were treated to a great BBQ meal while a local band entertained us. Of course we had a large campfire, but the highlight of the evening was a private screening (on the side of our trailer) of the movie about John Penton’s life with John’s son Jack Penton, a multi-time ISDE Gold Medalist on hand to answer questions. John Penton was a motorcycle industry pioneer who helped KTM become what it is today.The movie was excellent and I highly recommend it.


The following day our instructor Rob Hock and special guest instructor Jeff Irvin conducted our Level 2 Adventure Bike training for eight riders while the rest of the group headed off to parts unknown… the great dirt and paved back roads around here gave them plenty of options.



Our New Hospitality Trailer

Here is our new used 30’ rolling classroom/hospitality trailer. The weather at our training center is usually very nice, but when the wind blows or it’s too hot, too cold, or too wet outside, we will now be able to conduct our rider’s meetings, dress into riding gear, and eat lunch inside this trailer. It features a kitchen, a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, but most importantly it features over 20’ of open space inside where we can park and transport 15 motorcycles when we conduct training at locations away from our training center. This trailer represents another important piece of equipment in our ongoing efforts to upgrade our services and provide our customers with a comfortable, high quality environment to learn how to ride motorcycles in.



Practice Weekly

We have previously promoted specific Practice Days on our calendar each month to give our customers a practice day and encourage them to practice often and continue developing their skills. Now we are offering our graduate students the opportunity to practice with us any day we are training another group of students the same skill level. To practice with us you must have your own bike, you must have taken our training before within the past six months, you must agree to follow our rules and be supervised by us, and you must reserve the day in advance. The cost is only $70.  Now you have no excuses for not practicing and perfecting your motorcycle riding skills on a regular 


Trials Bikes for Sale, New and Used                                              

MotoVentures is an authorized Gas Gas trials bike dealer.  We always have both new and used trials bikes in stock for sale and for riding immediately and we can order any trials bike replacement parts, riding gear, or bike accessory that you may need.



Job Postings:

As we grow we must hire more talented personnel. The next positions we need to fill are listed below. For now these jobs are part time, but could become full time. If you know of anyone talented and experienced in these areas please pass this along and ask them to contact us.

  • Marketing Assistant. Can work from your own office.

  • ATV/UTV Instructor (ASI-Certified and/or ROHVA-certified)

  • Maintenance/Mechanic – for our fleet of bikes, transporter, riding gear, and equipment.


Event Reports:                                                                                 

On November 3, 2014 we hosted another Beta Dealer Meeting where the Italian-based company brought out their impressive line of 2015 models for their dealers to ride around our property on a fun course that we custom designed for them. Beta President, Tim Pilg is an avid trials and off-road rider and appreciates our great property and the great terrain there. Beta dealers love this kind of hands-on dealer meeting each year which will work well for other companies too. What does your company do for their off-site meetings?



On November 4 & 9, 2014 we filmed a show for the Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel. They contacted us because we were recommended by their researchers as experts in the sport of motorcycle trials riding. They wanted to show the incredible dynamics of how a rider can maneuver a specialized motorcycle over insane obstacles. So for this task we enlisted 10-time AMA National Trials Champion Geoff Aaron and Dirt Rider Magazine Editor Chris Dennison, an accomplished freestyle rider. The resulting show featured Geoff teaching Chris his tricks and demonstrating his incredible riding skills. Isn’t it about time you discovered the joys and valuable benefits of riding trials by joining us for a day?


On November 15 & 16, 2014 we hosted another training Day in the Dirt event for the regional Marine Corps and Navy bases. Roughly 70 Marines, Sailors, and their families came out each day and participated in Level 1 and 2 training or practiced motocross at the great Cahuilla Creek track located across the highway from us. One unique service we offered this year was bike tune-ups by Mike Baker from Pro Tec Performance in Temecula. Mike and his technician stayed busy both days adjusting suspensions and tuning carburetors of bikes that were stored by soldiers while they we were deployed. Our training satisfies the Marine Corps requirements (Order No: 1500-19F) for their enlisted personnel to get trained on dirt bikes and receive insurance while riding off-duty. It is our great pleasure to teach this group of fine young men and women and we look forward to training them in the future.