Presenting our new Dirt First by MotoVentures Caps and T-shirts

Our new Dirt First caps and t-shirts are in stock and available for purchase now. Hurry and order yours-they are going fast! Caps are Flexfit twill structured with Spandex cap in Royal Blue. Cap features our cool new embroidered logo and embroidered "" on back. Sizes S/M and L/XL cost is $30 plus shipping. Call to order 951-767-0991 or order from our store under MotoVentures Apparel.


The t-shirt is a sand colored comfortable, preshrunk 100% Ultra-cotton, featuring our new cool Dirt First logo on breast and back. Sizes S,M,L-$20 XL-$22. Call 951-767-0991 or order from our store under MotoVentures Apparel.


New 2014 Gas Gas 280 Pro Trials Bike for Sale

Looking for a great trials bike? We have a new 2014 Gas Gas Trials bike for sale. We offer a free day of training with purchase. Please Call Gary at 951-767-0991 for details and price.


BMW MotoFest


MotoVentures will be participating in the Big Bear BMW Motorcycle Festival being held September 19th-21st. Come join us for a weekend of fun.    


Our Great Rider Training Center:

Our private 350-acre Rider Training Center in the center of sunny Southern California is an almost ideal place for the services we offer. Our 3,500 ft. elevation means that we stay relatively cool in the summer, yet get just enough cold and moisture in the winter. We have the best soil for riding dirt bikes on; a perfect mixture of decomposing granite rock and dirt that delivers predictable feel when dry and incredible traction when wet. Our property also has all the right features on it that we need; a big flat area, two motocross tracks, many miles of single track trails, a sand wash, countless trials boulders, hill climbs, etc., and we have easy access right off highway 371. I am constantly scouting for new locations for training and I’m finding our SoCal training center hard to beat. If you know of a great place where we can train riders please share it with me. Lastly, I’d like to thank once again our many repeat customers and all the referrals too. It’s because of you that we have been able to provide our services full-time for over 15 years.

Gary LaPlante, AKA “Mr. MotoVentures”

NOTE: We have new start and finish times from June to October: 8:00 am to 2pm. Drinks and snacks included.




HJC Donates 73 New Helmets to MotoVentures!

HJC, the world’s largest helmet manufacturer, finally succumbed to our relentless pleading and donated 73 new full-coverage off-road helmets for our customers to wear while riding with us, replacing our entire fleet of existing helmets. Now we have several helmets in every size from kids small to adults XXXlg! It’s all thanks to our long time sponsor Mark Gandy at Helmet House. In addition to selling HJC Helmets, Helmet House also carries the following popular brands; Shoei Helmets and Fieldsheer, Cortech, and Tour Master riding gear. Of course MotoVentures is an authorized Helmet House dealer so when you need a new helmet or need to replace your current helmet… let us get one for you.

Helmet Trivia: Did you know that helmets have a limited life and even unscathed should be retired and replaced every five years or so. It is mainly because their shells slowly deteriorating over time due to the chemicals used to make them, to the unseen harmful chemicals in the air, to widely varying temperatures, and to damaging sun light. How old is your helmet?


Two Big SoCal BMW Dealers “Friend” Our Dirt First Training


BMW of Long Beach Holds a Staff Day in the Dirt with MotoVentures

On Sunday March 23, 2014, BMW of Long Beach General Manager Charles Berthon sponsored the dealership’s first employee day of training day in the dirt with MotoVentures using our friendly Yamaha dirt bikes. Their riding skill levels ranged from beginner to expert. The day included a BBQ lunch and the riding revolved around our Level 2 training with at least one rider experiencing their first “soil sampling” in the process. Looking back it was great for us to meet their enthusiastic staff and for us to share our knowledge, equipment, and property with them.

BMW of Long Beach CA just happens to be the largest volume BMW motorcycle dealership in America. They are also partnered with MotoQuest tours who operate out of their dealership in Long Beach to offer tours and bike rentals. BMW of Long Beach believes in and recommends the MotoVentures’ Dirt First approach to rider training to all their customers. In fact, they feel so strongly about it they offer our Dirt First training free with any GS purchase!


BMW of Escondido Hosts a Customer Day in the Dirt with MotoVentures

On Sunday March 30, 2014, BMW of Escondido General Manager Rick Johns hosted their third annual shop-sponsored day in the dirt with MotoVentures for their customers. They provided a BBQ lunch and we provided our Level 2 training for a wide variety of 23 riders who showed up riding everything from BMW GS1200’s to Yamaha WR250R’s. This training preceded their annual Baja trip to allow those participants to sharpen their skills before the trip. Of course the GS riders are always impressive to watch wrangle their big rigs through our “sand wash of doom”. Rick is one who rides a GS very well and he’ll be the first to tell you why; he has a dirt riding background and even owns a trials bike. No wonder why he rides adventure bikes so well.

Ladies Day Training Sponsored by BMW of Escondido

On Sunday May 18, 2014, BMW of Escondido sponsored another day in the dirt with MotoVentures for their female customers so they can experience the valuable benefits of riding and training in the dirt on a smaller, friendlier little dirt bike. Nine hearty women participated all wisely choosing to use our crash-able training bikes. Just like many guys, women are buying street and dual sport/adventure bikes without any having any dirt riding skills/experience first. Once you learn how to ride properly on a dirt bike first, the key to successfully riding a bigger dual sport bike is simply understanding your limits and your bikes limits, and staying within those limits.



Kids 2014 Summer Day Camps

This will be our fifth year offering kids 2-day summer day camps. These two consecutive riding days can include parents riding too and are available on select dates every Spring and Summer. Our kid’s camps are primarily designed for beginners and novices and follows our fun-filled formula of mixing training with trail riding around our vast 350-acre private property. Daily itineraries are based around our safety oriented training curriculums. Hours are 8am to 2pm and costs include everything; an appropriately sized bike and a full set of riding gear (if you don’t have your own) and drinks.

Cost:   $225 Your Bike          $325 Our Bike

2014 Kids Summer Day Camps: July 8 & 9, July 22 & 23, Aug 5 & 6


New: MotoVentures Now Offers Practice Days Every Month                                        

Many of our graduate students have requested riding time with us at our training center so they can practice what we’ve taught them. It’s like we always say; the key to getting the most out of our training is to practice and perfect new skills on your own soon after learning them. If you have your own dirt bike and can practice 2 – 3 times a month… you can probably keep both your skills and riding fitness up. If you don’t have your own dirt bike we can supply one for you. Now you have no excuse for not riding to keep your skills up.

Our new practice day option is designed for our graduate students. No beginners, just Level 2 & 3 skilled riders. Minimum training, mainly supervised/guided riding. Only training tips will be offered if needed. Safe and responsible conduct is the main rule. Kids must be eight and above or accompanied by (riding with) an adult. Minimum number of participants is five while the total participation will be limited to just 20 riders each day. Practice days will usually be offered on Sundays. Hours will be 9am to 2pm. Drinks will be provided. Practice day itinerary will consist of guided/supervised riding on our many miles of tracks and trails…mixed with some fun, challenging and skill building rides through our classic Level 2 & 3 exercises. We’ll take a morning break, a short lunch break, and an afternoon break. Everyone will get up to five hours of good practice time.

Cost: $70 Your Bike $315 Our Bike

2014 Monthly Practice Day Dates: The third Wednesday of every month and Sundays on June

22, July 20, Aug 17, Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, and Dec 21.



MotoVentures Offers Dirt First Certified Instructor Training

On April 24 – 26, 2014 MotoVentures conducted our second instructor training class with four instructors from Washington Motorcycle Safety Training (WMST) and one from Arizona. The prospective instructors included Gary Anderson, Tracy Jeffries, Jason Sherman, Robert Cline and Whitney Koeberle . These people are now the first, and only people, to be officially certified to teach MotoVentures Dirt First Level 1 & 2 rider training curriculums.

The objective of this trainer workshop was to teach these new instructors how to teach our curriculum so they can provide our quality training in other states. Day one included outdoor classroom sessions where we covered each lesson plan and discussed how to run a training business like Dirt First. Day two offered these students a chance to observe us teaching a group of eight experienced dual sport riders. On day three the group observed us teaching a few beginners. In the end we covered a lot of ground and prepared them to teach on their own. The next step will be to travel to our new instructors training location and observe and help them teach their own students.

If you or someone you know is qualified and interested in becoming a MotoVentures Dirt First Certified instructor contact Gary at


Military Report: We Train Military Rider Training Instructors

MotoVentures/Dirt First Level 1 & 2 motorcycle rider training is ideal for adult enlisted military personnel. Not too basic, we deliver the essential fundamentals and practical real-world skills that these young aggressive new riders need to survive the mean streets, back roads, and trails of America.

Are you in the military or do you know someone who is? Did you know the Marine Corp will provide rider training with MotoVentures if you recreate off-duty on a motorcycle of any kind? That’s right, they are pro-active to help prevent accidents and injuries that could take someone out of commission. Our training satisfies their requirement for basic rider training so individuals can come to us for training or we can train them as a group at our training center or right on base. Of course we offer a 10% military discount for individuals and 15% for groups.


BSA Event Report: Boy Scouts Love to Ride Dirt Bikes                                    

On May 10, 2014, once again, MotoVentures had a display at this year’s Boy Scouts of America, Scout-O-Rama event held at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA (Next to Irvine Lake in Orange County). There we had various-sized Yamaha TTR’s for the scouts to sit on and see what dirt bike will fit them best and we answered many questions from parents about how to start riding dirt bikes safely and correctly. After the event we randomly chose Joe Hannibal’s name from the names we received for our newsletter mailing list and we gave him one free day of training with us.

NOTE: Any scout at any age can come out and learn to ride with us anytime and they can bring their entire families too. Venturing Crew Scouts that are 14 and older can bring their troop and the BSA will endorse dirt bike riding with us as a group activity. So regardless whether you’re a young scout, teenage scout, or adult scout, gather a group together and come join us for a fun and memorable day of dirt bike riding together.



Club Ride Report: San Diego Adventure Riders Train with MotoVentures

On April 25, 2014, seven members of the local dual sport riding club; the San Diego Adventure Riders, joined us for a day of Level 2 & 3 rider training using their own bikes. Many riding bright orange KTM’s, these hearty dual sport riders came with decent skills, some only needing corrections while others needing to give up some bad habits.  Of course they loved riding our fun single track trails throughout our 350-acre property and we also gave everyone a chance to try a trials bike, which several members really enjoyed.

Rob and I double-teamed them and drilled them all day, exposing their strengths and weaknesses, but of course it will be up to them to continue practicing on their own. That’s where having our book; How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles comes in handy. With it, just before riding again, you can review what you need to practice next. If you are a member of a riding club like the SDAR why not put out the word and assemble a few members and come out and join us for a fun, skill-building day of riding with us in the dirt, first.



Trials Report: The 44th Annual El Trial de Espana at MotoVentures

On April 5 & 6, 2014, MotoVentures hosted the 44th Annual El Trial de Espana, trials competition at our 350-Acre Rider Training Center. We have hosted this event many times before and it is always a blast. The events’ two day format allows everyone to compete a full day on Saturday then quit early on Sunday to watch the best riders take on the seemingly impossible to ride large decomposing granite rocks that we have on our property. This year Cody Webb, Colton Haaker, and Ty Cullins did their best to make these tough sections look easy, which is made considerably harder when they have to follow the new “no-stop” rules. Webb took the unique Spanish Sword trophy home once again proving he is still America’s top trials rider.


Want to ride trials in paradise? We have the perfect property that has all the great terrain features and because of the many trials events, including AMA Trials Nationals, that we have hosted, our property features many sections available for you to ride with multiple lines already burned-in for every skill level.